What Happens to my Stairlift When There is A Power Cut?

Advice for Stairlift Users During a Power Cut

Stairlifts are battery driven, i.e., they operate on batteries when in motion. The batteries in the stairlift charge from the mains when parked in the charge position.  It is important that you park the stairlift in the charge position after each use (a call out charge would be incurred if the stairlift batteries have been depleted due to the lift being left off charge).

During a power cut, a stairlift will continue to run, provided it has been fully charged, for approximately 10 trips. Certain factors may affect the number of trips it can carry out such as the age and condition of the lift, the length of rail and number of bends it needs to travel on.

To preserve battery life during a power outage, we strongly advise limited use of the stairlift until power is restored.  Once the power has been restored and the lift is parked in the charge position,  charging will resume. Never plug out the charger from the wall socket, it must be left plugged in at all times.

Power Cut Advice for Stairlifts

If you are without power and unsure what to do, please phone the emergency number displayed under your stairlift seat, or phone the office on 045 888 811 (this number is transferred to an engineer on-call out of normal office hours).

Otolift Air or Otolift 2 Stairlift:
Keep the stairlift at the charge point.  If the lift is beeping; push joystick in any direction and immediately let go, this will save the battery.  The red light on the arm will continue to flash but the beeping sound should stop.

Elan Stairlift:
There is a black switch behind the seat with an on/off button; switch to off to save the battery.  Turn back on when the power returns.

HomeGlide Stairlift:
Remove the key from the arm or switch off black switch on arm to Off (depending on the lift model).  Turn back on the lift when power returns and put it in the charge position.

Meditek Stairlift:
Turn the red switch on the arm to Off to save the battery.  Turn back on when the power has resumed.  Keep lift in the charge position.

Acorn Stairlift:
There is a black switch behind the seat with an on/off button; switch to off to save the battery.  Turn back on when the power returns.  Keep lift in the charge position.

Useful Contacts

ESB Networks Power Check – 1850 372 999

Road Safety Authority

Stairlift Service & Warranty Plans

What happens if my stairlift gets stuck on the stairs?

It’s important to be prepared for any potential issues that may arise. In some cases, a stairlift can get stuck on the stairs while you are using it. This can be caused by various factors such as an obstruction on the stairs that triggers the safety sensor, clothing getting caught in the motor, the batteries not being charged or exceeding the weight capacity of the stairlift.

We understand that this can be a scary experience, especially if you live alone. We highly recommend that the user wears emergency alert device or carries a mobile phone with call credit so that they can alert their family, carer, or emergency services.

What’s the lifespan of a stairlift battery?

The lifespan of a stairlift battery typically ranges from 2-4 years, depending on usage, and maintenance. We highly recommend an annual service to ensure that your stairlift batteries are tested and checked for any potential issues. Regular maintenance can also help ensure that your stairlift is operating safely and efficiently. Please phone our office on 045 888 811 if you wish to arrange a service appointment.