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Thyssen Stairlifts

Thyssen Stairlifts – Flow II & Levant Stairlift

Thyssen Stairlifts have a long and innovative past. Set up in 1991 and now with over 2000 employees worldwide. ThyssenKrupp don’t just manufacture stairlifts for the home but provide mobility in public areas and buildings such as wind turbines, airline passenger boarding, public buildings and the renewable energy sector.

Our brief blog post will shy away from the public sectors that ThyssenKrupp operate in and investigate what they have to offer in the form of Thyssen Stairlifts.

Thyssen Stairlifts in the Home

Flow II Stairlift

Ideal for stairs that are straight, spiral or with corners. The lift folds away discretely with ease and in a compact manner that allows great use of space. The chair and back panels can also be customized to the furnishing of your house, which is a great option to have.

Thyssen Levant Stairlift

The Thyssen Stairlift economical choice, less on style but with the same attention to engineering detail as the Flow II. The extra features are standardised and thus the price is targeted at the more cost-conscious customer.

Levant Comfort

A step up from the Thyssen Levant with a little more comfort and the opportunity to customize the stairlift fabric to your decor.

In essence Thyssen Stairlifts offer a stairlift solution for all homes and stairs. They can be adjusted to your height and the fabric of the chair and back panel can be customised to your room and or house décor. Thyssen Stairlifts have a wealth of engineering experience and their stairlifts are comfortably reliable. Finally, Thyssen Stairlifts ability to be discreet, save space and foldaway with ease also offers customers with a solution that minimizes the potential intrusiveness of a stairlift installation.

For a free Thyssen Stairlifts installation quotation and site survey, contact the BM Stairlifts team here or call 1890-837274.

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