Stairlifts, Lifts, Stairlifts…….


Stairlifts Within a home setting, getting up and down a stair case if you have mobility issues, stairlifts are used to solve the problem. However in an industrial setting, platforms or platform lifts are used. Same principle as stairlifts, different terminology. Let’s take a brief looks at some stairlifts that aren’t quite stairlifts!! Goods Lifts Ennis Lifts provide what is […]


Should you buy if you see an advert: Stair Lift for Sale?


Stair Lift for Sale – Should you buy if you see an advert? Before you make any purchase, be it a car or a loan, shop around. Do your research, it will provide you with ammunition when it comes to negotiating a price. Try and avoid impulsive decisions and the same applies to stairlifts, if you see an advert, ‘Stair […]

Stairlift Manufacturers

Acorn Stairlifts


Acorn Stairlifts   Acorn Stairlifts are one of the most respected and renowned stairlifts manufacturers, with a worldwide reputation for reliability, innovation and design simplicity. Founded in 1992 in Yorkshire, England, they have grown to become the largest manufacturer and supplier of stairlifts worldwide. BM Stairlifts are an approved Acorn Stairlifts reseller and maintenance provider and have been installing and […]