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Latest BM Stairlifts News….Royal Hospital, Donnybrook and Naas AFC


Royal Hospital, Donnybrook – Golf Classic Once again the BM Stairlifts golf pros (!!) have signed up their “elite” team for the Royal Hospital Donnybrooks annual Golf Classic fund raiser. The team were piped at the post last year but remain hopeful again this year! Yet another worthy event supporting the famous Royal Hospital, Donnybrook which dates back to 1743, […]


Irish Stairlifts


Irish Stairlifts Many of the first stairlifts were used in the US in the 1930’s specifically for sufferers of polio. In fact there is a wonderful Irish charity which supports sufferers of Polio – Post Polio Support Group. The group also has a fund which can be used to fund Irish Stairlifts and subsidise a stairlift purchase for Irish sufferers […]