Stannah Stairlifts

A History of Stannah Stairlifts

Probably one of the oldest and most established stairlift companies in the world, Stannah Stairlifts was founded almost 150 years ago. Still a private family run business now in its 6th generation, incredibly 100% of the company is still under ownership of the Stannah family. Stannah Stairlifts have grown exponentially over the decades and in 2009 reported a turnover of 183 million pounds, with a profit of almost 10 million pounds. An outstanding British company that has been recognised for its export achievements, three times picking up the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement in 1987 and twice in the nighties, 1994, 1999 and most recently in 2010.

Stannah Stairlifts – Awards

Stannah Stairlifts designs, functionality and engineering has also been recognised by industry, in 2006 it was awarded the prestigious Golden Trophy Award for Design. However, its not just vision, determination, timing and engineering talent that drives a company to a global turnover of 183 million pounds. Stannah Stairlifts have been renowned for their advertising campaigns.

Stannah Stairlifts – Marketing & Advertising

Well, we’ve all seen the Stannah Stairlifts adverts, short, sweet and to the point. Great branding and marketing which helped led to the creation of the most well know stairlift brand in Ireland and Britain. You might remember some of those classic Stannah Stairlifts one liner catch phrases. Here’s a reminder of a few Stannah Stairlifts marketing adverts:

Rediscover Uptairs….Stannah, the stairlift people

Trust Shannah to make things easier

Call Shannah

Find out why there has never been a better time to fit a Shannah Stairlift in your home

Having one fitted can help you feel independent….

From 1995 (42 Seconds in) – When your thoughts turns to stairs, turn to Stannah

We measure everything from your legs to your staircase… ensure the stairlift we fit, suits you and your home

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