Stairs Lift – Safety Records and Why is it so good

Stairs Lift – Safety Records and Why is it so good

You may have read in 2013 the unfortunate incident where a stair lift failed and caused the death of two people.  A shocking incident with a tragic outcome.  Many people tell me about this story and I believe people tend to remember this particular story mainly due to the fact that everybody knows somebody who uses a stairs lift.  And you never tend to associate tragedies with stairs lifts, so it sticks in your head.

The safely record for stairs lift is extremely high when you consider other mechanical objects such as cars and so on.  So, what features within stairs lift have helped the stairs lift om general maintain such a high global safety record.

These are the key safety features:

  • Limit Sensors – these sensors will make sure the stairs lift will stop at the correct position
  • Safety Edges – if the stairlift makes contact with any object, the sensors will switch the stairlift off
  • A key is attached to stairs lifts and if there are kids about, make sure to remove the key which will make sure no accident will occur
  • Brakes – stairs lifts come with both mechanical and an electronic brake
  • Always used the stairlift seatbelt.

If you have a moment, play the video below which details the safety features on Acorn Stairlifts

Always maintain your stairs lift and make sure your stair lift is in good working condition.  Have a look at an older blog post we composed regarding the maintenance of a stairs lift.

If have any concerns about the safety of your stair lifts, immediately contact the team at BM Stairlifts.  We will pay you a visit and make sure your stair lift is fully secure and safe.  Contact Jen or Jacinta at 1890-837274 or email