Stairs Lift Ireland

Stairs Lift Ireland

Why do some people in Ireland refer to Stairlift as one word and others in Ireland refer to it as two words, stairs lift Ireland? Well, there are probably a number of reasons. Most website address for example are one word, so people seem to think that the stair lift is in fact one word, such as For a little bit of excitement, lets briefly discuss why in fact ‘stairs lift’ Ireland should be two words and not one!

Well, many people are a little lazy these days and when they undertake search engine research they forget about the space bar!! In fact ‘stairs lifts’ is only searched 20 times a month in Ireland and stairlift is searched 70 times per month!

But I believe there is a strongly reason why people might search ‘stairs lift Ireland’ versus ‘stairlift Ireland’, I think it’s due to the composition of a stairlift. What a stair lift actually consists off?

Essentially, a person has a stair in their house and for one reason or another are unable or are having difficulty getting up their stair to the bathroom or to a bedroom. The lift in essence is a motorised chair and the customer is experience difficulty which they must address. They do some reason online and in their mind they are thinking ‘I need a lift for my stair’ and thus search ‘stairs lift Ireland’.

I could be completely wrong and let me be explicitly clear my hunch has absolutely no facts or research to back up my assertions. As I said earlier, just poking a little bit of fun!!

For the record the online English Oxford Dictionary has ‘stair lift’ as one word!!! But also claims that it’s OK to use two words, ‘so people of Ireland, its ok to use ‘stair lift’ or ‘stairlift’’!!!!