How do other countries handle stairlifts grants?

How do other countries handle Stairlifts Grants?

With the average age expectancy rising and rising, it’s only natural that there will be an increase in the demand for stairlifts, coupled with the design layout of modern housing. There will be no avoiding the future need. Stairlifts Grants will no doubt be in popular demand. There is a stairlifts grants system in Ireland and we have profiled the process in a previous blog post. However, I’d like to take a peek into the stairlifts grants process involved in one of our close neighbours in Wales and England.

Disabled Facilities Grants

Firstly, the stairlifts grants are referred to as Disabled Facilities Grants, and I suppose its all about accessibility and movement. The grant process can cover access improvements such as widening doors, installing ramps, access to rooms, adapting the heating and or lighting system to make sure you can operate it.

They do stress on the government website that any benefits that you receive will not be effected, so no fear in losing or putting in jeopardy any benefits you receive.

Stairlifts Grants Criteria and how much you can financially receive

Firstly, the process is means tested, any stairlifts grants application will depend on the household income and if the household savings exceed 6K Pounds. Dependent on the household income, you may have to contribute to the cost of the stairlift. However, you can receive significant amounts, in England up to 30K Pounds and up to 36K in Wales. If you have a young person in your household who is under 18 and your house needs to be adapted, no income means test is required.

There is a stark ‘highlighted’ warning on the government information website: ‘You might not get any grant if you start work on your property before the council approves your application.’

Our next blog post will dig a little deeper as to how stairlifts grants are paid out, when stairlifts grants are paid out and a little more on eligibility in England and Wales. Keep an eye on our social media pages such as our Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus accounts for our next blog post.

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