Stairlifts For Sale – Have you considered using Twitter?

Stairlifts For Sale – Have you considered using Twitter?

Well, you’re looking to find somebody who might have a few ‘stairlifts for sale‘! What websites might have listings like stairlifts for sale? Should I buy second hand or for the sake of peace of mind, maybe I should buy a brand new stairlift and source a registered and approved stairlifts installer.

Frankly, you have to do some homework, do some research. Some people tend to go straight to the directory second hand websites, like,, and other. Well, I think many people are missing out on a trick, Twitter isn’t a bad starting point. Here are some tips using Twitter……

Twitter – Search in the Twitter Search Box – ‘stairlifts for sale

If you login to Twitter you can find a fountain of information about stairlifts, people who have recommended stairlift companies in the past and you never know somebody could in fact find someone who is advertising stairlifts for sale. Your timing could be perfect!

Searching Twitter for ‘Stairlifts for Sale

The beauty of Twitter is that the advert is free and the Tweet can reach an awful lot of people. The above screenshot shows you how you should search on Twitter for stairlifts for sale and the example below. Well, it’s Martin Crisp from England. OK, he may not be in your area, but no harm at all. The Tweet is free and it could travel and reach someone in your location and you may get a bargain.

Stair lifts For Sale

You might even find some advice, for example, from our very own BM Stairlifts!! All in all, Twitter isn’t a bad starting point to do some research, get a good grasp on pricing and suppliers and you never know you may get lucky.

Stairlifts For Sale

So, get Tweeting!


At BM Stairlifts we have installed countless stairlifts, both straight from the production line, second hand stairlifts and reconditioned stairlifts. If you would like a free quotation and site survey, pick up your phone or email Jen or Jacinta at 1890-837274 or email, who will be happy to assist.