A Stairlift Provider – What to look out for……5 tips to help your choice.

So, you have decided to purchase a stairlift, be it a reconditioned stairlift, a rented stairlift or a brand new stairlift. The question everybody then asks is how do I source a stairlift and will the stairlift provider install the stairlift, maintain it for me and if I have any problems will they be on call? So, how do you access a stairlift provider?

Stairlift Provider

Do a little research with the Companies Registration Office ( ), how long has the stairlift provider been in business. If they’ve been in business for five years or more, that should be OK, but no guarantees from me!!

Their Online Image

How does their website look? Does it look professional or do they have a website at all? If the stairlift provider has invested in their website, it has a polished and professional finish, there is a good chance they take a high level of pride in the work and standards.

Testimonials and References

While your on the stairlift provider’s website, surf the site and see if they have any references and customer testimonials. Another sign that the stairlift provider you are consider may deliver for you.


Now, while you’re on the Net, check out some of the forums, perhaps might have a stairlifts thread and may have a few recommendations, and maybe some ‘beware’ of……Do keep in mind, anybody can compose a great reference on the Internet! Some stairlift provider’s may have an agenda! Factor the feedback, but be careful.

Accreditation and Qualifications

Most stairlift manufacturers run training programmes for a stairlift provider who would like to resell their stairlifts. A stairlift provider will most likely have to send their employees to Britain or the continent in order to train up their employees and become an accredited stairlift installer. Is the stairlift provider been approved by the stairlift manufacturer? Have the staff the trained staff? Make a quick call to the stairlift manufacturer.

Before and After Photos

Finally, do they provide photos of their work, before and after photos? These photos are a great way for stairlift providers to showcase their work, and also provide prospective client with a sense of security?

I hope the tips above help you decide on the most appropriate stairlift provider. Good luck.