What’s involved in a Stairlift Maintenance?

What’s involved in a Stairlift Maintenance?

OK, so you’ve called BM Stairlifts out for a stairlift maintenance, what is involved in a call out? Do they have a stairlift maintenance checklist that they tick off? What’s involved and what’s should I make sure they cover in my scheduled stairlift maintenance?

Well have a look at the link below for further information about what’s involved when a stairlift is scheduled for maintenance. Within this blog post, we will discuss stairlift maintenance cover plans that are provided by one stairlift in Britain, Central Mobility.

Central Mobility in England offer what they refer to as an ‘after care stairlift service and maintenance plans’. Starting from 65 pounds for a Bronze Package which includes 12 month cover, one service per year and priority status in the event of an emergency. However, ‘buyer beware’, in the event of a breakdown call out charge, parts and labour are not included. I would enquire as to how much a call out charge is and the typical labour costs for one hour (or a typical labour duration). Be informed. Ask how long a typical call out takes and what is the hourly rate?

Their next level package is an extra 100 pounds, and is the same as the bronze package but also covers labour and call out costs. But not any parts.

And Guess what the Gold Level stairlift maintenance package covers……you guessed it….all of the above and any parts. No cost is listed for this package. I’m guessing the cost will depend on a number of factors such as the age of your stairlift, the stairlift manufacturer, has the stairlift been regularly maintained and serviced, and others.

My Stairlift Maintenance Service Pack Advice

Depending on the age of your stairlift, for ease of mind, I would recommend taking out limited cover and thus the entry stairlift maintenance service pack should suffice. After 5 years I would seriously consider the Silver package. It will allow you to budget for the year ahead and if there happens to be an issue with your stairlift, you know how much it will cost. With the exception of any parts, if parts are required that is.

To summarise, the big factor is the age of your stairlift, which should influence your care pack choice. If you would like to discuss the stairlift maintenance options at BM Stairlifts, we have a number of very competitive options, Jen or Jacinta with over 20 years’ experience between them will go through your options. Call 1890-837274 or email info@bmstairlifts.ie.

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