Stairlift Ireland

Stairlift Ireland

If you are looking to rent or purchase a stairlift in Ireland, there are countless providers out there. It’s said that the best sales professionals ask more questions. They are trying to understand your business better and ultimately compose a proposal and a response that will help the sales process. So, why not turn the table? Why don’t stairlift consumers in Ireland not ask more questions?

By asking more question you can build a better rapport with the stairlift sales professional, gain more knowledge and when you get to the negotiation stage you should be able to negotiate a better price for ‘you’. Primarily because you are better informed, you are better armed!!

Stairlift Ireland – Bank of Questions

In order to be ‘better armed’, while you are undergoing your research regarding a stairlifts in Ireland, start to compose a number of questions that you can challenge your potential stairlift provider with. For example:

  • What is the stairlift installation process? What is involved?
  • How many stairlift engineers undertake the job?
  • Are the stairlift engineers qualified? What internally and continuous training do they undertake?
  • Why should I select an Oto Stairlift over an Acorn Stairlift or a Thyssen stairlift?
  • What if I insisted on a certain stairlift model?
  • What is involved in training me how to use the stairlift after the installation?
  • And do you have an aftercare package for the stairlift or do your engineers also train me how to service the stairlift?

These are just a few questions you could ask, and should act as a good starting point.

Now, after your telephone conversation, score the response of each stairlift provider and rate how competent you felt they were. The stairlift provider with the highest score you should most likely go with!

Feel free to call the Stairlift Ireland team at BM Stairlifts and see how they score!!! The Stairlift Ireland Challenge!! 01-802 0405