5 Tips – How to prepare for a Stairlift Installation

Stairlift Installation – Stairlift Examinations – Safety First

Before a stairlift rail is brought into a home there are a number of considerations to factor.  First you must visually survey the stairs and consider any obstructions such as bulkheads, central heating pipes, windows sills, underfloor heating, etc. into the stairlift installation.

All objects must be removed, including photos, plants, tables, and ornaments, anything which may cause an obstruction and which could be damaged. Don’t take any chances!

Do take a note or a quick photo of any pre stairlift installation damage, windows, doors, flooring, furniture, and such. There is no reason to have a disagreement with the stairlift installers or concern yourself with issues that didn’t exist.

Throughout the stairlift installation process, it is paramount that you are aware that there will be a constant movement of equipment, cabling, live electrical equipment and sharp equipment which could all create a hazardous environment and a potential accident. So, please be aware.

There is also the likelihood of airborne dust throughout the stairlift installation.  If you have any respiratory health issues, it might be a good idea to stay clear while the stairlift installation is taking place.

The key is to make sure that the working environment is a safe environment.

Intruder Alarms

Many home owners have installed alarms positioned top or bottom of a staircase and some sensors pads may be on the steps of the stair. These sensors may have to be moved throughout the installation process.

Your Stairlift Carpet

People sometimes ask will I need to remove the stairlift carpet before the stairlift installation?  There is absolutely NO need to remove your carpet. None whatsoever, the stair rail is positioned over the top of your carpet.

Weight restrictions?

Some client enquire as to the weight limits of a stair lift, typically a stairlift can take a weight of between 18 and 21 stones. However, there are stairlift models that can cater for up to 30stone. Consult the BM Stairlifts team for any stairlift installation queries on 1890 837 274.  The Citizen Information website does provide some very valuable information, see this url.