Stairlift Grant Applications in Ireland

Stairlift Grant

You may ‘not’ know this, but the official title for the Stairlift Grant in Ireland is the ‘Mobility Aids Grant Scheme’.

How to Apply

  • You must contact your local Authority, each authority has its own application form and administrative process. As an example we have attached the application form for Dublin to the blog post. See the file at the bottom of this post
  • The maximum stairlift grant you can claim is €30,000 euro which can only cover 95% of the costs of the stairlift
  • To try and add to our equal society! The stairlift grant application is means tested. The household income is accessed, for example if the gross household income is less than 30K you can receive up to 95% of the cost of your stairlift installation. There is a tapering system depending on the household income, feel free to give Jen or Jacinta a call in the office and they can explain and maybe provide you with a few tips!!!
  • You would be very surprised as to the depth and coverage that a stairlift grant will cover. Really, the stairlift grant isn’t just about stairlifts, but more focused on ‘mobility’, as the Scheme suggest. So, the stairlift grant or mobility scheme can cover investments in accessible showers, wheelchair access, access ramps, downstair toilet facilities, etc.

Effectively, if you need more mobility in and around your house, you can avail of a grant to support your living environment.

Do call the team at BM Stairlifts, they have helped client complete hundreds and hundreds of Stairlift Grant application in most local authorities. Give Jen or Jacinta a call on 1890-837274 or email:

Stairlift Grant – Application Form for Dublin