Stair Lifts Prices – What might you expect to pay?

Stair Lifts Prices

The price of stair lifts can range in price significantly, from 500 euro to 5000 euro.   So, why the large variation in price?

Second Hand Stair Lifts or Reconditioned Stair Lifts

Well, you can take a per-determined risk and buy a second hand stair lift from around 500 euros. Which is around the cheapest second hand stair lifts you are likely to come across.

The Inconvenience

There is quite a bit of hassle involved, you have to negotiate a price, arrange pickups, install and maintain the stair lift yourself and then it may work for years and it may work for a few days! The risk is high and thus the stair lifts price is……low!

Hire a recognised stair lifts company

You can remove the potential hassle above and you could commission a stair lifts company such as BM Stairlifts, who will provide you with a number of options to fit your budget. So, how much might I pay for a brand new standard straight stair lifts?

 Brand New Stair Lifts Prices?

Well, roughly speaking, if you have a budget of two thousand euro, you should be OK. Some stair lifts brands are more expensive than others. If the stairway has a bend or a corner on it, the cost will jump significantly. This is when a curved stair lift comes into play. You may be able to reduce the cost by installing two straight stairlifts. Perhaps something to consider, but be careful, will the person using the stair lift be able to get off and back on half way up a stair case??? Always factor these type of factors.

Stair Lifts Prices – Tip: There is the option to rent a stair lift which should help you manage the cost, if you are working under a strict budget. Don’t be afraid to ask. And have you looked into a stair lifts grant?

If have any questions and if you want a quotation, the lads at BM Stairlifts are happy to drop out and go through the process and answer any concerns you may have. And if you have budget restrictions, there is always help at hand. Jen or Jacinta in the office are extremely helpful, so drop them a mail or give them a call: 1890-837274 or email