Stair Lifts Installation – Some Safety Features To Make you feel at ease…..

Stair Lifts Installation – Some Safety Features To Make you feel at ease…..

In this short stair lifts installation blog, we will take a quick look at some safety features engineered into the stair lifts installation process and stair lifts themselves.

We’ve all been there, there is a surge in power and the fuse box kicks in, a safety trigger is initiated and the fuse box automatically switches the entire electric system off. Well, stair lifts have similar ‘cut-out’ switches connected to safety edges or protective devices which disconnects the power to the stair lift if an issue is picked up.

What are Safety Edges?

In simple terms they are ‘sensors’, used to detect an obstacle. If a stair lift detects an obstacle it will automatically stop or the stair lift can be set to cut the power supply.

Security Key

You don’t want children using your stair lift, obviously in case of injury or accident and thus more stair lifts installation come fitted with a security key. Do use it if you have young visitors to your home!

Braking Systems

Stair lifts have an inbuilt electronic and mechanical breaking system which offsets any chance of an uncontrolled decent. So, not to worry. During the stair lifts installation the installation engineer will provide a full demonstration and put any fears to the back of your mind.

Slimed Stair Lift Design

Many stair lifts can now be folded away when not in use, they are sometimes referred to as a ‘slimline design’ and again, these types of stair lifts add an extra element of safety.

Slimed Stair Lift Design

Stair Lift Seats

There is an inbuilt safety mechanism that prevents the stair lift from operating unless the seat is in the correct position. It must be locked in position before the stair lift will operate. Again, another safety feature that should be illustrated after every stair lifts installation.

If have any concerns about the safety of your stair lifts, immediately contact the team at BM Stairlifts. We will pay you a visit and make sure your stair lift is fully secure and safe. Contact Jen or Jacinta at 1890-837274 or email

Here are a few links to recognised standards and quality standards organisations for your interest:

British Standards: