Your Stair Lift and Some Maintenance Tips

Your Stair Lift and Some Maintenance Tips

Just like any mechanical piece of equipment such as a car or a lawnmower, it has to be regularly maintained. And there are no exceptions for your stair lift, they must be looked after and if it isn’t well….. If you have ever been stranded on a motorway when your car has given in, you’ll know the feeling!!! Stranded, helpless, desperate, and reaching for your phone to pull a favour from a friend or your break down provider!!  We’ve all been there at one stage in our lives!

So, you must try and be preventative when it comes to any mechanical piece of equipment. In this stair lift blog post we at BM Stairlifts have articulated a few tips that will keep your stair lift in good health and should prevent you from experiencing that feeling of helplessness!

  • Regularly lubricate your stair lift, try and get to it every three months or so.  Before you perform this function, make sure you turn off the power to the stair lift and give the stair lift a good clean, removing any dirt, a damp cloth should do the trick.  Consult your stair lift provider regarding the best lubricant to use for your stair lift, be it indoor or outdoor
  • The stair lift tracks and wheels should be inspected, do the wheels run smoothly and freely on the tracks? If not, the wheel or wheels may need to be replaced
  • Inspect your chair for any broken parts and make sure the mechanical parts are lubricated every six months to a year.  It’s also important to inspect your cabling, just to be on the save side and see if there are any cracks in the stair lift cabling
  • The stair lift battery; an important facet of the stair lift, which usually needs replacing every year or every two years.  Consult your stair lift manual for typical battery life or give a quick call to your stair lift installer
  • Just like checking the cabling for cracks, you should also double check that all nuts and bolts are secure and tight.


Keep to the maintenance tips above and they should provide you will a good sense of security and peace of mind that your stair lift will run smoothly all year round.