Stair Lift Prices – The costs involved

Stair Lift Prices – The costs involved

As you can imagine, prices are set based on demand, supply and the cost of manufacture. There is a growing demand for stair lifts and supply is quite plentiful, but from a cost of manufacture point of view, how does cost of manufacture effect stair lift prices.

Stair Lift Prices – Design and Research

Not only does the design of stair lifts have to be factors, but the integration of technology and communication features must be a considerable factor that contributes heavily towards stair lift prices. How will a stair lift in the future communicate with smart watches, smart phones or app that may in the future control a stair lift.

Stair Lift Prices – Product Testing

Every product must be tested and passed by internationally recognised safety standards organisations. This testing requires time, administrative function and considerable human resources. Not only does every part have to be safety tested but the design and aesthetics of the stair lift must also be tested. The beauty of the stair lift must also be considered and stair lift companies have been known to employ embroidery and decorative type employees.

Stair Lift Prices – Patients

Many stair lift companies also try and protect their investment towards innovation and research by applying for international patients. Yet again, another factor that contributes towards stair lift prices. Patients can be very human resource heavy and expensive to obtain and not all patient applications are successful!

In our next blog post, we will look at other external factors that contribute to stair lift prices, such as assembly, marketing, advertising, branding and more!

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Stair Lift Prices