Stair Lift Installation – Whats Involved?

So, you have placed an order with BM Stairlifts and the stair lift installation is about to be undertaken. So, what can you expect when the team arrives and the stair lift installation is about to start.

Stair Lift Installation

Firstly, Jen, Jacinta or Carol will run you through the entire process and make sure you are satisfied that you are at ease with the stairlift installation process.

Usually our stairlift engineers will have a schedule for the week and will arrive at our warehouse (which also consists of an office, a workshop and the usual office amenities!) for about half eight. They will stock up their vans with the appropriate stairlift, parts, tools, paperwork and so on.

We usually plan on arrival at a clients premises for roughly 10am for most stair lift installations, unless a specific time is requested by the client.

It is always better for the client to be present within the house when the team arrive for the stair lift installation and throughout the stair lift installation. However, if you feel like heading our for a few hours that is completely fine.

There will be some noise associated with the stair lift installation, but not very much at all. Initially the stair lift will be cleared of any obstructions and cleaned. The stair lift rail will be installed first (which will usually entail a little noise), the stairlift rail is cleaned and lubricated. Following the installation of the rail the stairlifts is attached to the stair lift rail.

The stair lift installation then moves to a testing phase, our engineers will test the stair lift in numerous positions to ensure it functionality. Once satisfied and fully tested, including the testing of the safety features, the team will clean the stair as if you have just moved into a new home!!

Our engineers will then provide a demonstration, then to provide assurance and to ensure the client knows how to use the stair lift, we encourage a few trials run with the client on board.

All in all a straight stair lift installation may take a half a day up to a day, and curved stair lifts may take a day or two. Depending on the complexity of the stair lift installation. But the team will let you know how long the stair lift installation will take well before we start the installation.

Once our engineers are happy that you are comfortable and understand the safety features of the stair lift, we sign off on the paper work. We also provide a support number for any problems which is a direct line to our support staff if you have any problems in the future. Which rarely happens!!

So, in a quick nutshell that is the stair lift installation process that we undertake at BM Stairlifts!  If you have any questions give Jen or Jacinta a call on 1890-837274  or email us at: