Should you buy if you see an advert: Stair Lift for Sale?

Stair Lift for Sale – Should you buy if you see an advert?

Before you make any purchase, be it a car or a loan, shop around. Do your research, it will provide you with ammunition when it comes to negotiating a price. Try and avoid impulsive decisions and the same applies to stairlifts, if you see an advert, ‘Stair Lift for Sale’ – perhaps you should rent a stair lift rather than buy one outright? What are the pros and cons?

Stair Lift for Sale – Pros and Cons

Depending on your injury or disability if you believe that your injury is short there, then renting your stair lift would make perfect sense. A condition which is permanent due to age, disability or illness would constitute a good reason to buy a stair lift outright. In the long term the initial cost will outweigh the long term and monthly rental payments.

Budget & Stair lift Grants

If your budget is of concern, BM Stairlifts for example provide clients with the option to purchase a reconditioned stair lift (second hand). BM Stairlifts also offer maintenance and warranty for reconditioned stair lifts for ease of mind. There are also grants available to try and support your investment. So try and factor all such variables before you make your decision.

If you are still somewhat unsure and would like some advice on grant applications or whether to buy or rent, contact the BM Stairlifts team and we will guide you through the process. For example, you can avail of a grant of up to €6,000 and potentially cover the entire cost of your stair lift.

To summarise, should you act when you see that attractive ad: Stair Lift for Sale. Consider all your options, your needs, your budget and consult a member of the BM Stairlifts team and we will guide you through your options, answer any questions you may have, including helping you go through the grant process.

Stair Lift for Sale
Stair Lift for Sale