An unwanted secondhand stair lift, your options?

An unwanted secondhand stair lift, your options?

The reality of life is that perpetuity has no place. We all get older (tell me about me!!) our mind and body may not react as effectively as it used to be. Of course there are medicines, treatments and equipment to hep people live a comfortable life. And a stairlift within you house can help you get about your house.

One of your beloved parents may have purchased a stairlift in their later years and you might now be in a positon to take care of and manage your parents estate.

So, what can you do with a secondhand stair lift? How much might it be worth? Should I just drop the secondhand stair lift into the recycling centre? Let’s look at a few options.

Do not bin your secondhand stair lift…..

Yes, your secondhand stair lift could be worth a few quid, no reason why you can’t dissemble the stair lift, take a few photos and upload it onto a few websites. You can get anything from 250 euros to 1000 euros for a decent secondhand stair lift

What Websites Should I post my secondhand stair lift on?

There are a number of classified websites that may have secondhand stair lifts listed, such as: – operated by Distilled Media Group

secondhand-stair-lift – owned by Schibsted Media Group

secondhand-stairlift – owned by the Kijiji family, which is within the eBay family!

When you are doing your stair lift research and asking yourself, what price should you list your secondhand stair lift at? Make sure you use a variety of word variations, such as: secondhand stair lift, stair lift, stairlift, stairlifts, reconditioned stairlifts and so on. This should give you plenty of information in order to list your secondhand stair lift competitively.

Some quick questions to consider for the consumer?

Do you need a straight or curved stair lift? Who will install your stairlift? Have you considered the maintenance requirements of your secondhand stair lift? How many steps are on your stair?

Contact the BM Stairlifts team and we will do our best to provide you with impartial advice, and discuss whether a secondhand stair lift is right for you…1890-837274 or email