Bison Stairlifts – A Company History


Bison Stairlifts Over the past few months we have profiled a number of stairlift manufacturers on our blog, such as Acorn and Otolifts. Within this blog post we will look at another well know stairlift manufacturer, Bison Stairlifts. Bison is yet another stairlift company that had its worldwide origins in England. Bison stairlifts was established in 1981, when its founder realised […]


Your Stair Lift and Some Maintenance Tips


Your Stair Lift and Some Maintenance Tips Just like any mechanical piece of equipment such as a car or a lawnmower, it has to be regularly maintained. And there are no exceptions for your stair lift, they must be looked after and if it isn’t well….. If you have ever been stranded on a motorway when your car has given […]


Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah Stairlifts

A History of Stannah Stairlifts Probably one of the oldest and most established stairlift companies in the world, Stannah Stairlifts was founded almost 150 years ago. Still a private family run business now in its 6th generation, incredibly 100% of the company is still under ownership of the Stannah family. Stannah Stairlifts have grown exponentially over the decades and in […]

Community Sponsorship, Stairlifts

Otolift Stairlifts


Otolift Stairlifts Otolift Stairlifts – Big Thank You from Naas United A big thank you to Otolift Stairlifts for the kind and generous sponsorship of The CUBE fundraiser event last Friday. All in aid of Naas United and their goals of securing a home for the club which has been providing soccer for the young people of Naas and the […]


Stairlifts, Lifts, Stairlifts…….


Stairlifts Within a home setting, getting up and down a stair case if you have mobility issues, stairlifts are used to solve the problem. However in an industrial setting, platforms or platform lifts are used. Same principle as stairlifts, different terminology. Let’s take a brief looks at some stairlifts that aren’t quite stairlifts!! Goods Lifts Ennis Lifts provide what is […]


Reconditioned Stairlifts – a few myths explained….


Reconditioned Stairlifts BM Stairlifts has a range of reconditioned stairlifts available for both straight and curved staircases with pricing options to suit your budget.  We offer a 12-month parts and labour guarantee with all of our reconditioned stairlifts.  We fit new batteries as standard and fully test all of our reconditioned stairlifts to ensure they are in working order prior […]


Stairlift Grant Applications in Ireland


Stairlift Grant You may ‘not’ know this, but the official title for the Stairlift Grant in Ireland is the ‘Mobility Aids Grant Scheme’. A review of the stairlift grant process was undertaken by the Housing Agency in 2013 and they recommended a number of changes, which you can view here. To make it easy and concise for everybody, we have […]


Thyssen Stairlifts


Thyssen Stairlifts – Flow II & Levant Stairlift Thyssen Stairlifts have a long and innovative past. Set up in 1991 and now with over 2000 employees worldwide. ThyssenKrupp don’t just manufacture stairlifts for the home but provide mobility in public areas and buildings such as wind turbines, airline passenger boarding, public buildings and the renewable energy sector. Our brief blog […]

BM Stairlifts

Home Instead Presentation and Our Latest Promotion


BM Stairlifts make Home Instead Presentation and Our Latest Promotion This week the BM Stairlifts team are delighted to be presenting at the local Home Instead Senior Care conference this coming Wednesday.  Big thank you to Home Instead for the invitation, we are all looking forward to meeting the dedicated carers and staff at Home Instead. BM Stairlifts – Till […]


Stairlift Ireland


Stairlift Ireland If you are looking to rent or purchase a stairlift in Ireland, there are countless providers out there. It’s said that the best sales professionals ask more questions. They are trying to understand your business better and ultimately compose a proposal and a response that will help the sales process. So, why not turn the table? Why don’t […]