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BM Stairlifts – News for this weekend! Wedding Anniversary? And Bald Eagles!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Happy Wedding Anniversary to very own Jacinta who has been with BM Stairlifts since the formation of the company and who is an integral part of the BM Stairlifts team.  Anyway, congratulations to Jacinta and and her very lucky husband Chris who celebrate their wedding anniversary this weekend.  Maybe we can find an old wedding picture for […]


How do other countries handle stairlifts grants?


How do other countries handle Stairlifts Grants? With the average age expectancy rising and rising, it’s only natural that there will be an increase in the demand for stairlifts, coupled with the design layout of modern housing. There will be no avoiding the future need. Stairlifts Grants will no doubt be in popular demand. There is a stairlifts grants system […]


What’s involved in a Stairlift Maintenance?


What’s involved in a Stairlift Maintenance? OK, so you’ve called BM Stairlifts out for a stairlift maintenance, what is involved in a call out? Do they have a stairlift maintenance checklist that they tick off? What’s involved and what’s should I make sure they cover in my scheduled stairlift maintenance? Well have a look at the link below for further […]


Stair Lifts Installation – Some Safety Features To Make you feel at ease…..


Stair Lifts Installation – Some Safety Features To Make you feel at ease….. In this short stair lifts installation blog, we will take a quick look at some safety features engineered into the stair lifts installation process and stair lifts themselves. We’ve all been there, there is a surge in power and the fuse box kicks in, a safety trigger […]


Stairlifts For Sale – Have you considered using Twitter?

Stairlifts For Sale – Have you considered using Twitter? Well, you’re looking to find somebody who might have a few ‘stairlifts for sale‘! What websites might have listings like stairlifts for sale? Should I buy second hand or for the sake of peace of mind, maybe I should buy a brand new stairlift and source a registered and approved stairlifts […]

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Age Action Ireland Week & Ireland ‘failing to plan’ for rise in elderly population


Age Action Ireland Week We are trying to show our support for Age Action Ireland, if you happen to come across our blog post, spread the news.  Like, Share and Comment with your digital friends, and more importantly try and support Age Action Ireland if you can.  If you can spread the news brilliant, its about REACH and AWARENESS for […]


An unwanted secondhand stair lift, your options?


An unwanted secondhand stair lift, your options? The reality of life is that perpetuity has no place. We all get older (tell me about me!!) our mind and body may not react as effectively as it used to be. Of course there are medicines, treatments and equipment to hep people live a comfortable life. And a stairlift within you house […]


5 Tips – How to prepare for a Stairlift Installation


Stairlift Installation – Stairlift Examinations – Safety First Before a stairlift rail is brought into a home there are a number of considerations to factor.  First you must visually survey the stairs and consider any obstructions such as bulkheads, central heating pipes, windows sills, underfloor heating, etc. into the stairlift installation. All objects must be removed, including photos, plants, tables, […]


A Stairlift Provider – What to look out for……5 tips to help your choice.


So, you have decided to purchase a stairlift, be it a reconditioned stairlift, a rented stairlift or a brand new stairlift. The question everybody then asks is how do I source a stairlift and will the stairlift provider install the stairlift, maintain it for me and if I have any problems will they be on call? So, how do you […]

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Keelan Noone – New BM Stairlifts Employee – Otolift Stairlift Qualified


Keelan Noone – New BM Stairlifts Employee – Otolift Stairlift Qualified Big welcome to the company to Keelan Noone, the newest addition to the BM Stairlifts team.  Keelan has just returned from an extensive Otolift training programme in England and as you can see from the photo below, his hard work and dedication has paid off!  A pay rise is […]