Otolift – An overview of Otolift Starilifts


We previously documented a short history of Otolift stairlifts, well today we will take a deeper look at the Otolift stairlifts themselves, what makes them so special!! Otolift have two primary stairlifts, the Otolift ONE and the Otolift TWO, so lets take a deeper look at each one.

Otolift ONE Curved Stairlift

An ideal stairlift for narrow and steep stairs. A wonderful design, that appears conspicuously by its superb design. It stands out due to its natural style and its ability to submerge into the background room décor. As you can perfectly see from the photo below, you wouldn’t notice a stairlift at all.

Otolift One

Otolift TWO Curved Stairlift

The Oto lift TWO is designed for the outer curve of your stairlift and thus a little less sophisticated then the Oto lift ONE. The Otot lift TWO is more affordable due to its reduced design complexity. The deign is very compact, reduced and solid. As you can see from the photo below the top tube on the rail can be used as a very convenient hand rail. The Oto lift TWO is the best selling stairlift in the Netherlands and its probably down to its affordable price coupled with its great brand and compact design. Check out the video below.

Oto lift TWO
Oto lift TWO 2

Difference between Otolift ONE and Otolift TWO

If you’re confused as to the difference between Oto lift ONE and Oto lift TWO, check out this video.

Oto lift Parallel

If you have a straight staircase, well Oto lift have produced the PARALLEL Oto lift. With a slim design and a beautiful aluminum rail, great design and almost unnoticeable in any home.

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