Irish Stairlifts

Irish Stairlifts

Many of the first stairlifts were used in the US in the 1930’s specifically for sufferers of polio. In fact there is a wonderful Irish charity which supports sufferers of Polio – Post Polio Support Group. The group also has a fund which can be used to fund Irish Stairlifts and subsidise a stairlift purchase for Irish sufferers of Polio.

However, the history of Irish Stairlifts can be traced as far back as King Henry the VIII – according to his possession list he owned a stairlift and had a stairlift commissioned due to a jousting incident, coupled with his large frame. Some say, the founder of the Church of England was also the founder of the stairlift. Referred to as a ‘stairthrone’!!

So, the past has been defined, what of the future for Irish Stairlifts? Medicine and research have elongated the average life expectancy throughout the past number of decades. The CSO have made age predictions for the country and within the next six years they suggest that the Irish population aged 85+ will increase 46% by 2021. And what effect will this statistic have on the supply of Irish stairlifts?

Is the country and our health service ready for this increase in age demographic and are Irish stairlifts companies ready to meet the demand? Is the health service funded enough to cater for an aging population. There are countless health correspondents out there that feel a ticking bomb is about to explode.

Is anybody listening? Or maybe the current Irish Government are just waiting for the next Government to take responsibility for past inaction. Only time will tell!

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