Today is…International Day of Older Persons

Today is…International Day of Older Persons

Almost every day of the year is assigned some sort of status in order to generate awareness and well intended funding for a charity, tackling a global disease or an inequality.

Well, on the 14th of December 1990 the UN General Assembly designated the 1st Day of October as the ‘International Day of Older Persons’.

At BM Stairlifts we try our very best to assist the elderly in later life and we are touched by the many life stories of our clients and how our stairlifts have made later life that little bit more comfortable.  With that in mind, if you come across our blog post, do forward it, like it and share it with your friends and try and create a little bit more awareness for the elderly in our communities all over the world.

Below is a quote from the World Health Organisations website.

1 October: International Day of Older Persons

Older people – a new power for development

“Ageing is a development issue. Healthy older persons are a resource for their families, their communities and the economy.”                         WHO Brasilia declaration on healthy ageing, 1996.

From everybody at the BM Stairlifts team, we support today, the ‘International Day of Older Persons ‘ – try your best to forward and share this blog post to all your contacts and friends.

International Day of Older Persons