Elan Stairlift by Bruno

Bruno Elan Stairlift

The Elan stairlift is the ideal choice for straight stairs. It is a high performing, affordable stairlift that is easy to use.

Installation is also quick and easy which means we can aim to install the stairlift within a few days.

Compact Stairlift Design

The armrests, seat, and footrest fold away, leaving ample walking space on the stairs. The stairlift can be installed on either side of the stairs.

The chair travels on a slim rail which has been cleverly designed to hide the mechanical components and therefore can be installed to within 5-inches from the wall offering the customer a clean and compact stairlift solution.

Comfort & Safety

Our customers’ comfort and safety is paramount to us and as a result we choose only the best stairlifts on the market.

The Elan stairlift comes with a host of comfort & safety features as standard, including a spacious padded seat with adjustable height, a seat-belt with buckle, safety sensors, soft-stop/soft-start, plus much more, offering complete peace of mind when using the lift.

The stairlift features a swivel seat, making it easier and safer to exit the stairlift when you have reached the top of the stairs.

Standard features include:

– Adjustable seat height

– Generous size padded seat with a weight capacity of up to 20 stone

– Swivel Seat, providing a safe exit at the top of the stairs

– Easy to use control switch

– Flip-up arms

– Seat belt with buckle

– Fold away design (seat, arms, and footrest all fold up)

– Safety sensors on footplate and carriage which will stop the unit if there is an obstruction on the stairs

– Consistent power using 2 x 12-volt batteries

– Quiet motor

– Dual braking system with self-locking gearbox

– Soft-start and Soft-stop for comfort and safety

– Two wireless remote controls which can be used to call the stairlift from either the top or bottom of the stairs

– Slimline rail which hides all mechanical components

Battery Powered

The stairlift is powered by two 12-volt batteries which last a very long time, provided they are charged regularly.  As a consequence, the stairlift will continue to work even in the event of an electrical power failure.

The batteries will be charged when the lift is in a parked position by a battery charger, plugged into a standard wall socket. The cost of charging the stairlift is minimal.

We recommend you keep your stairlift parked in the docking point as often as possible to ensure that the batteries are always charged.

Optional Extras*

The Elan stairlift can be supplied with extra features, some of which may be recommended by your Occupational Therapist.

These include:

– Powered folding footrest

– Powered swivel seat

– Toggle switch

Powered Folding Hinge Rail
If there is a door at the bottom of the stairs, we can install the Elan stairlift with a powered folding hinge rail which automatically folds away, allowing clearance at the bottom of the stairs.

Powered folding hinge rail for stairlifts

*Please note that optional extras do not come as standard and may cost extra.  We can advise of the extra cost when we carry out our free on-site survey. 

Buy with Confidence

The Elan stairlift is an attractive, reliable stairlift which has been built to last. It will provide you with years of dependable performance.

All of our new stairlifts come with a two year warranty as standard.  Furthermore, we offer a range of affordable service plans once the warranty period expires for your continued peace of mind.

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BM Stairlifts was founded in 2006. Our company director, Brian Cooper, has been working in the stairlift industry for over 20 years. Our engineers and electricians have installed thousands of stairlifts across Ireland and aim to make the process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Local Council Approved
Our company is fully insured, C2 registered with Revenue and approved by Local Authorities.

We provide stairlift installations and maintenance for a number of corporate clients across Ireland, such as County Councils, Hospitals, Hotels and Rehabilitation Centres. Visit our corporate stairlift client page to find out more…

A large percentage of our sales come from customer referrals which are a testament to the excellent customer care we provide. Visit our Customer Testimonials page to read a selection of reviews from just some of our happy customers.

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