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Stair Lift Prices in Ireland

How Much Does a Stair lift Cost?

When it comes to buying a stairlift, the first thing that people want to know is how much will it cost? 

There are many aspects to a stairlift that will affect the final price; each person’s needs and requirements are unique, and some staircases are too. We hope our stair lift price guide gives you an insight into the cost of a stairlift in Ireland and the options available.

A crucial point to remember when comparing stairlift prices is that the price alone should not be the deciding factor when making your decision.

Other significant factors to consider include the aftercare service provided, breakdown support, the reputation of the company you’re buying it from and the reliability of the stairlift model.

As a rough guide, our new straight stairlifts start from approx. €1,800 + 13.5% VAT, pre-owned straight stairlifts from €1,200 + 13.5% VAT. Curved stairlifts are a bespoke product and they start from approx. €5,000 + 13.5% VAT new, €4,200 + 13.5% VAT pre-owned.

The VAT is fully refundable and we are happy to help you with the forms to claim it back if you wish.

Grants are also available from your Local Authority to help with the cost of purchasing a stairlift, ramp, rails or adapting your bathroom, all of which we can assist with. Contact our office to find out more of visit the Housing Adaptation Grants page on

BM Stairlifts have been installing stairlifts nationwide for more than 14 years and have a proven track record with private and corporate clients.

We are extremely competitive on price, without ever compromising on the quality of our stairlifts or aftercare service. For a quick response, phone 018020405 or submit an enquiry form.

Stair Lift Price Promise

If you have been quoted less by another company for a stairlift, BM Stairlifts promise to offer you a better deal (Terms and Conditions apply).

The team at BM Stairlifts

Types of Stairlifts Available: Straight and Curved

The biggest aspect that will define the price of a stairlift is if your staircase is straight, very narrow, or has any turns or landings midway.

A straight stairlift will cost substantially less than a curved stairlift, mainly due to the fact that the rail on a curved stairlift has to be custom-made.

Stairlift Brands

BM Stairlifts only use reliable stairlifts from reputable and respected manufacturers who are industry leaders. We are official dealers for Otolift, Bruno and ThyssenKrupp in Ireland and all of our in-house engineers have been thoroughly trained by the manufacturers to install, service and repair the stairlifts to a high standard.

Our stairlifts are fitted with many safety features as standard for extra peace of mind.

Stairlift Companies Near Me

Stair Lift Prices

BM Stairlifts are extremely competitive on price and most importantly this is achieved without ever compromising on the quality of our stairlifts or aftercare service. We supply, fit, service and repair stairlifts throughout all of Ireland.

We supply and fit a range of new and reconditioned stairlifts for straight and curved stairs.

To provide you with an accurate price, we would need to arrange a free home visit to assess your stairs, ensuring you get the best price possible and the perfect stairlift for your needs.

If you are just looking for guide prices, please phone us on 018020405 or send us an email.

Stair Lift Warranty

All of our new stairlifts come with 2-year parts and labour and 10-year motor warranty as standard (extended warranty options are available).

Our reconditioned stairlifts come with 1-year parts and labour and 10-year motor warranty as standard (extended warranty options are also available)

Stairlift Price Guide

VAT Refund for Stair Lift

The full amount of VAT paid for a stairlift is fully refundable from Revenue after installation – (current rate of VAT on stairlifts is 13.5%). BM Stairlifts can help you with any forms that need to be completed and can send them away for you, ensuring you get the refund back as fast as possible.

After-care Service – We Don’t Just Install Your Stairlift, We Stay With It For Life

As mentioned previously, it is a very important thing to keep in mind when comparing stairlift prices the aftercare service provided. We pride ourselves on offering a 24hr breakdown service, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Stairlift Features & Options

All of our stairlifts come with the following features as standard:
Safety belt
Battery back-up (required in the event of a power-cut)
2 x Remote Controls
Safety Locking Mechanism
Slimline assisted (manual) Swivel Seat and Footrest Link

stairlift safety seat belt

Additional features available include a powered swivel seat, a powered folding footrest, a powered folding hinge, extra charging points on the rail or perhaps you require a heavy duty stairlift.

If you have received an Occupational Therapist’s report, it is important to ensure that your stairlift quote complies with their specifications. If you don’t have a report, our stairlift surveyors can help you make the best decision for your personal needs.

Paying for your Stairlift

There are also many different payment plan options and grants available for people considering buying a stairlift. Contact the office for further details.

Stairlift Grants

You may be eligible for a grant from your local council to cover all or part of the cost of fitting a stairlift. We deal with grant applications on a daily basis and are more than happy to guide you through the process.

There are grants available to help with the cost of getting a stairlift, bathroom adaptation, ramps and rails, all of which BM Stairlifts can help you with.

You cannot apply for a grant to cover the cost of a reconditioned stairlift. There are two types of grant options for stairlifts available; Mobility Aids Grant, and Housing Adaptation Grant.

Considering Buying a Stairlift Privately from Done Deal?

If you are considering buying a second-hand stairlift privately on Done Deal,, or similar, there are huge disadvantages to contemplate. Follow this link to read more on buying a stairlift privately:

Stairlift Running Costs

Our stairlifts run on batteries which are charged from the mains when the lift is parked in the charge position. They are very energy efficient, using approximately the same amount of electricity as a mobile phone charger. It is vital that the stairlift remains switched on at all times to ensure the batteries remain charged.

Have you Received a Quote Far Cheaper than any Other?

On an occasion where you have received a few quotes from various companies and one has quoted considerably lower it is always advisable to look at the small print. Many times, on closer inspection, the said company has either made an error or has not included required features such as a powered swivel seat for example, which may have been outlined as a requirement by your Occupational Therapist.


Additional Points to Consider when Getting Prices for a Stairlift

  • Do you require a powered swivel seat?
  • Do you require a powered footrest?

    A powered footrest link will fold up with the stairlift seat, removing the requirement to bend down.

  • Is there enough space to park the stairlift at the bottom of the stairs or are there any obstructions, e.g. a door, in the way?
  • Do you require a step alteration or perhaps a radiator needs to be removed to make room for the stairlift?
  • Has your stairs multiple bends or landings mid-way?
  • Does your carpet need replacing?

Extended Warranty Options Available

We offer stairlift service contract plans which enable you to extend the warranty on your stairlift once it has expired. This covers includes one annual, scheduled service visit, priority attention, 365 days a year, in case of breakdown, attendance, call out, parts and labour are included. Prices start from as little as €285.00 per year, with greater discounts for longer plans.

We hope you have found our stair lift prices guide helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to phone us to arrange your free stairlift survey & quotation or if you have any other stairlift questions.

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