Compare Stairlifts

Compare Stairlifts

It is a sage advice when making any type of decision, be it career guidance or purchasing a stairlift. What type of stairlift should I buy, what sairlift manufacturer should I choose? How does ‘one’ make such a decision when the cost of a stairlift investment is so high? Well, when you do compare stairlifts, create a simple ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ list. Getting all the facts on paper will allow you to truly reflect, consider and ultimately compare stairlifts with a sense of perspective. So, let begin and compare stairlifts!!!

Compare Stairlifts and Reliability

Most respectable staitlift manufacturers have a long standing reputation, and you don’t get that level of quality and word of mouth referrals unless reliability of the stairlift is consistently high. Top world class brands include Acorn, Otolift, Thyssen.

Not only do you have to consider the reliability of the stairlift, but also the stairlift installer. Ask the question, how long are they in business? If it’s over ten years, safe to say, they are reliable. You can check the company formation on And finally, do a quick search online and see if there are a series of negative comments. You might find the odd disgruntled stairlift customer but if there are countless negative blog comments, beware!

Compare Stairlifts and Price!

And finally, price. Well, it’s not always about price, always consider the value that the stairlift provider provides. Do they listen to your concerns and answer them with authority? Do you trust their promise? Do they have good recommendations and testimonials on their website? Do they have corporate or semi state clients? Do they have a warranty and service agreement? Pose these type of questions while considering the points above regarding reliability and stairlifts features and you should be on the right track to compare stairlifts with a sense of perspective and confidence.