A Chair Lift for Stairs or a Stair Lift? What’s the difference?

Is there a difference between a chair lift for stairs or a stair lift? Simply speaking there is no difference at all. They are both the same thing!

A Chair Lift for Stairs will provide the same advantages as a stairlift, it will allow you to go up and down your stairs. It will mean you don’t have to leave your home to a single level home or to a care home. Your independence will be assured with the aid of a chair lift.

A large amount of elderly people suffer horrific falls going up and more frequently going down stairs; a chair lift will eliminate this potential scenario.   So, if you are struggling to manage a traditional stair, consider a chair lift for stairs as a proactive solution. There are grants available for the elderly to help with the cost of purchasing and installing a chair lift.

You also consider the same factors and features when you are looking at purchasing a chair lift for stairs as a stairlift. Such as, flip up hinged rail, keyed stair chairs, hand help controls, length of rail, standing lift, weight, seat depth, and so on.

There are also other positive factors that bypass people when they are considering a chair lift for stairs. They release an awful lot of pressure on the home care person, the need to facilitate somebody up a stair is removed. There is also a danger that the carer could also fall which is also removed with the chair lift installation.

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Chair Lift For Stairs
Chair Lift For Stairs