What Happens to my Stairlift When There is A Power Cut?

Power Outage Storm Ali

Advice for Stairlift Users during a Power Outage Our stairlifts are battery driven, i.e., they operate on batteries when in motion. The batteries are charged from the mains when parked in the charge position.  The stairlift will continue to run during a power cut, provided it is fully charged, for approximately 15 trips without needing electricity. Limited use of the stairlift is […]


Black Friday – Stairlifts………100 Euro Off Straight Stairlifts in December


Black Friday & Some Brief BM Stairlifts News Well done to everybody involved in the BM Stairlifts presentation day at Clontarf Hospital this week.  By all accounts a great success.  Many thanks to all who attended. Well its Black Friday, so we thought, we would try a special promotion for the month of December. Black Friday – December Promotion at […]


Stairlift for Sale – A Little Bit of History from BM Stairlifts


Stairlift for Sale – A Little bit of History from BM Stairlifts Stairlift for Sale. That was the dream when Brian Cooper and Mike Mooney decided to take the plunge and set up BM Stairlifts all the way back in 2005. The B and the M as you can guess represents the two owners!! Very creative lads!! Anyway, ten years […]


Your Stair Lift and Some Maintenance Tips


Your Stair Lift and Some Maintenance Tips Just like any mechanical piece of equipment such as a car or a lawnmower, it has to be regularly maintained. And there are no exceptions for your stair lift, they must be looked after and if it isn’t well….. If you have ever been stranded on a motorway when your car has given […]


Stairlift Grant Applications in Ireland


Stairlift Grant You may ‘not’ know this, but the official title for the Stairlift Grant in Ireland is the ‘Mobility Aids Grant Scheme’. A review of the stairlift grant process was undertaken by the Housing Agency in 2013 and they recommended a number of changes, which you can view here. To make it easy and concise for everybody, we have […]

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Stairs Lift Ireland


Stairs Lift Ireland Why do some people in Ireland refer to Stairlift as one word and others in Ireland refer to it as two words, stairs lift Ireland? Well, there are probably a number of reasons. Most website address for example are one word, so people seem to think that the stair lift is in fact one word, such as […]


BM Stairlifts Sponsors Ladies Open Competition in Naas for KARE Charity


KARE, LADIES GOLF CLUB NAAS AND BM STAIRLIFTS   Well, the ladies golf game has grown exponentially in recent years, in fact the prize money on the LPGA was almost 58 million dollars from 42 million dollars in 2004 – phenomenal growth. And this week BM Stairlifts are adding to the ladies prize fund!! We are sponsoring the Open Ladies […]

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The BM Stairlifts Engineers are trained to share!!!

The Office staff got a great laugh from the recent Walkers Crisps Advert!! Be assured our fully qualified, sharing(!!) and considerate engineers will share their Tayto!!