Thyssen Stairlifts


Thyssen Stairlifts – Flow II & Levant Stairlift Thyssen Stairlifts have a long and innovative past. Set up in 1991 and now with over 2000 employees worldwide. ThyssenKrupp don’t just manufacture stairlifts for the home but provide mobility in public areas and buildings such as wind turbines, airline passenger boarding, public buildings and the renewable energy sector. Our brief blog […]


Stairlift Ireland


Stairlift Ireland If you are looking to rent or purchase a stairlift in Ireland, there are countless providers out there. It’s said that the best sales professionals ask more questions. They are trying to understand your business better and ultimately compose a proposal and a response that will help the sales process. So, why not turn the table? Why don’t […]

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Stairs Lift Ireland


Stairs Lift Ireland Why do some people in Ireland refer to Stairlift as one word and others in Ireland refer to it as two words, stairs lift Ireland? Well, there are probably a number of reasons. Most website address for example are one word, so people seem to think that the stair lift is in fact one word, such as […]




Stairlift The famous stairlift, some say the stairlift originated from the time of Henry the VIII – who knows for sure! The reality is now, what stairlift should you choose? There are a number of stairlift types on the market, let’s take a deeper look at some of the stairlift options avaliable. Straight-rail Stairlifts One of the most popular types […]


Irish Stairlifts


Irish Stairlifts Many of the first stairlifts were used in the US in the 1930’s specifically for sufferers of polio. In fact there is a wonderful Irish charity which supports sufferers of Polio – Post Polio Support Group. The group also has a fund which can be used to fund Irish Stairlifts and subsidise a stairlift purchase for Irish sufferers […]


Compare Stairlifts


Compare Stairlifts It is a sage advice when making any type of decision, be it career guidance or purchasing a stairlift. What type of stairlift should I buy, what sairlift manufacturer should I choose? How does ‘one’ make such a decision when the cost of a stairlift investment is so high? Well, when you do compare stairlifts, create a simple […]


Should you buy if you see an advert: Stair Lift for Sale?


Stair Lift for Sale – Should you buy if you see an advert? Before you make any purchase, be it a car or a loan, shop around. Do your research, it will provide you with ammunition when it comes to negotiating a price. Try and avoid impulsive decisions and the same applies to stairlifts, if you see an advert, ‘Stair […]