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Black Friday – Stairlifts………100 Euro Off Straight Stairlifts in December

Black Friday & Some Brief BM Stairlifts News

Well done to everybody involved in the BM Stairlifts presentation day at Clontarf Hospital this week.  By all accounts a great success.  Many thanks to all who attended.

Well its Black Friday, so we thought, we would try a special promotion for the month of December.

Black Friday – December Promotion at BM Stairlifts….100 Euro off Every Straight Stairlift in December

Yes, its as simple as that, no strings attached!  We have been holding back the crowds all day, and the gates are now open.  Call the team or complete the online stairlift form to enter the Black Friday December competition, but remember you MUST mention this blog post.

We went fishing on YouTube to find a quieter time, when people didn’t go crazy over a sale!  We found this US video, which compared the 1980’s to the frenzy that is Black Friday today!  Now, don’t get too hung up from 1.50 onwards, we didn’t produce the video.  We liked pre 1.50, its nostalgic and quite reflective!

So, give us a call, mention this blog post and you will receive a 100 euro discount, throughout December for any straight stairlift.


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