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The Bison Stairlift brand has been about for decades now, and as you may know since 2008 the Bison Stairlift brand was bought by Acorn Stairlifts.

The Bison Stairlift is still in production and continues to sell in large numbers around the world. So, in this blog, considering you may have an old Bison Stairlift, we will look at some manuals and information than may help you upkeep your Stairlift to a very good degree.

Bison Stairlift – now the Brooks 80 Curved Stairlift

Well, let’s get the name right first. The Bison Stairlift 80 is also referred to as the Acorn 80 Stairlift and since 2012 the stairlift is now referred to as ‘Brooks 80 Curved Stairlift’. Acorn Stairlift lead a stairlift acquisition trail and picked up Bison and Brooks.

So, to simplify things, they merged the Bison Stairlift 80 and the Acorn Stairlift 80 (same product different name) into one stairlift: ‘Brooks 80 Curved Stairlift

Here is a great Bison Stairlifts Video

Some Bison Stairlifts Resources

Now, the Internet is a great resource where you can almost find anything, including Bison Stairlifts user manuals. Check out this link to Bison Stairlifts user manual from 2004:

If you happen to have the Bison 50 Straight Stairlift, here is a link to the user manual from 2005, a useful reference:

We also happened to come across a 90’s style marketing document all about the Bison Stairlift, which you also may informative and nostalgic!!

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Bison Stairlift
Bison Stairlift