Interesting Press Release from ‘ALONE’


The CEO of ALONE, Sean Moynihan, has welcomed the announcement from Minister Kathleen Lynch that €450 million will be allocated for the refurbishment or replacement of state-owned nursing homes and facilities for people with disabilities.

The economy is certainly picking up and reinvesting in infrastructure initiatives when the tax returns are good and the labour rates are competitive, is always a good idea (however, I’m no economist!).  A welcome for our ageing population and also our ageing infrastructure.

Sean also goes on to say: “Public nursing homes account for only 20% of all nursing homes in the country, it is vital that they are upgraded and supported. We need diversity and we cannot be entirely reliant on the private sector to deliver care for our vulnerable older people.”

As we have noted in some of our older blog posts, we are living longer, medical advances and research has made huge process over the decades and as a result our populating is ageing, as Sean states, “With an extra 20,000 over 65’s every year we need the government to strategically plan for our ageing population, health care should be a major priority. This investment will be a welcome starting point for the development of more public sector beds.”

We believe its good news all round.  You can read the full ALONE press research here.