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Stairlift Service & Warranty Plans

At BM Stairlifts we are confident in the products and services we provide. Our new stairlifts come with 2 years warranty as standard. Our reconditioned stairlifts come with a 1 year warranty.

We also offer our customers a range of affordable stairlift service plans once the warranty period expires. Service plans are available for stairlifts not installed by us.

For further information about our stairlift service plans, please phone us on 1890 837 274 or send an email to

Why You Should Service Your Stairlift Regularly

Just like owning a vehicle, your stairlift requires regular maintenance in order to ensure optimum performance, reliability and long life, protecting your investment over the long term.

Regular maintenance will keep your stairlift operating in a safe and economical condition.

Ask us today about our affordable service plans available.

Benefits Of Having Your Stairlift Serviced:

- Identifying potential problems earlier, reducing repair bills.

- Reduction of the damage caused by wear and tear.

- Minimising the risk of your stairlift breaking down.

- Peace of mind regarding the reliability and safety of your stairlift.

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