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BM Stairlifts was founded in 2006 and has grown to be the premier stairlift installer in Ireland. We have installed thousands of stairlifts in Dublin and across Ireland, catering to the unique needs of many satisfied customers.

Our recognised high standards have led long term care facilities, home care agencies, County Councils, hospitals and individual customers to choose BM Stairlifts as their preferred stairlift supplier.

We pride ourselves on our quality of installation, our attention to customers' requirements and Occupational Therapists' recommendations.

We understand the importance of regaining full access to your home and want to be part of making it happen for you with minimum fuss and disruption. We aim to provide you with a stairlift solution that offers maximum comfort, reliability and efficiency, whilst blending into your decor like a piece of furniture.

While there are many stair chair lift installers to choose from, BM Stairlifts stands apart from the competition by being one of the only ones to deliver a lifetime of unparalleled support. Our customers receive round-the-clock support, 365 days per year.


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" There are many companies that say they do a quality job, but from shopping around, this company is very professional and reasonable. As my mother’s mobility was very impaired, I needed to get a stair lift installed as soon as possible.

I recall I contacted a few companies, but went with BM stair lifts, and within a few days the estimate was given and stair lift was installed, and my mother was free to move up and down the stairs.

Before this point, my mother struggled going up and down and as soon as it was installed, the delight on my moms face was great. As she said she felt like a queen.

I thank Gary who came out and walked though all of our options, the professional installers, and Jennifer in the office who is a delight to deal with. Even after completion, Jennifer was always on hand to help us. Thank you guys."

David, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

Caring for an Ageing Parent from a Distance

Covid-19 is challenging the entire globe and has caused many countries to force its residents into lockdown or cocooning. As a result, it has meant that people are not allowed to leave their home to visit loved ones and check on their elderly parents.

Under normal circumstances, children would often check in on their parents, many of which live alone, to ensure that they are ok. However, the challenges and restrictions of Covid-19 effectively mean that parents are left to fend for themselves, many of which are physically unable to move around the home with ease.

As the son or daughter of an elderly parent, now could be the time to consider looking for a stairlift. This provides peace of mind for both children and parents, knowing they are safe and able to move up and down the stairs with ease. It is a simple case of implementing the correct solutions to overcome the issues we are facing.

A Stairlift Can Help an Elderly Parent In Many Ways

With social distancing firmly in place, many elderly parents want to keep their independence and remain in their own homes. Therefore, stairlifts provide an effective solution that comes with a range of features to make moving around the home as simple as possible.

With children forced to stay away, it could mean that parents lack the confidence to use their stairs because they are afraid of falling which means that they might not be found or receive the assistance they would usually get if they were receiving a visit from their child. Stairlifts can help to increase the confidence in those who live alone while children will be able to take comfort knowing that their parents are no longer at risk when ascending or descending the stairs.

The majority of elderly parents live in homes that are spread over two levels which means that they are likely to have their bathroom and bedroom upstairs. These two rooms in a home are vital for our health and wellbeing which means that they should be easily accessible. Therefore, making it as simple as possible to manage the stairs will ensure they can access these rooms whenever necessary.

With most of our freedom removed or restricted at this moment in time, we have to show care and compassion to those who are at risk and this is why more children are now considering stairlift installations for their elderly parents. Simply reducing the risk of falls and increasing their ability to move around the home brings peace of mind.

As a result, the installation of stairlifts is on the increase. They are no longer aesthetically unappealing because the design has evolved where they now seamlessly fit into any home. They are well-designed too, which means that they are no longer as cumbersome as they once were. What’s more, grants are available from your local council to help with the cost of a stairlift.

Now is the time to look after your loved ones in the most appropriate way and a stairlift can dramatically improve quality of life, which is vital at a time when we are all facing unprecedented challenges.